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Out and About with new friends in the U.K.

Pub Quiz Winnings - The beers we've won up until November 2008 at the pub quiz, the jar contained our jackpot win of 29.50! (which was used to pay for the Sarah Palin party snacks)

Hancock Pub 25/10/2008 - for Chris' bday - Golf themed. With Charles, myself, Tom, Laura, Jo and Ashleigh

Sarah Palin party - 4 November 2008. With Renee, James and Ashleigh.

Sarah Palin party - 4 November 2008. With Laura (the Sarah Palin fan), Malcolm and Graeme in the background.

Sarah Palin party - 4 November 2008. Tom and I relaxing on the sofa, watching the US elections.

Sarah Palin party - 4 November 2008. With Sebastian and James.

Sarah Palin party - 4 November 2008. Laura putting candles in the Apple crumble, while Tom and Stuart watch.

Sarah Palin party - 4 November 2008. My homemade Apple crumble! The candles formed an "S" for Sarah (courtesy of Laura).

Party at Marris House. Katerina, Me and Emma. 22 November 2008.

Local is lekker? Some Newcastle Brown Ale!

Dunno what Emma and I were up to... some action to some song! 22 November 2008

Staying awake until midnight to bring in Katha's birthday. Renee, me, Katerina, Emma, Katha. 25 November 2008.

Champagne from Germany to celebrate Katha's birthday. We counted down 10 seconds to midnight, then sang "Happy Birthday". 25-26 November 2008.

The Birthday Girls Emilie and Katha blow out their candles. 29 November 2008.

Renee and I discover the Guacamole and Nachos, while polishing off some VERY potent punch! 29 November 2008 - at Katha and Emilie's joint birthday party in Fenham.

Me, Renee, Katha and Katerina. 29 November 2008.

12 January 2009 - my 29th Birthday.

12 January 2009 - with the Burger King crown modified especially for my birthday!

12 January 2009 - eating Pudding and Chocolate Muffins!

Katha's beautiful black eye! 17 Jan 2009

St. Paddy's day party - Malcolm, Graeme, Laura, Renee, Stuart and myself. 17 March 2009.

Tom and I perform "Islands in the Stream"... Tom was Dolly! St. Paddy's day party - 17 March 2009

Malcolm, Stuart and I do some cabaret for entertainment purposes... complete with Jazz hands! St. Paddy's day party - 17 March 2009.

The St. Paddy's day party in full swing - 17 March 2009.

With Katha and Lydia at their farewell fancy dress party! 20 March 2009